The ultimate relaxation and restoration retreat. Dedicated to promoting physical and mental wellbeing, this eco-friendly ranch has been built on the foundations of responsible hotel development and holistic practices

Uniquely combining a digital experience with wellness tourism, the ranch features up to 100 carbon neutral modified shipping containers on a 400 acre hemp and medical cannabis farmstead that incorporates new age ag-tech for sustainable practices.

The farmstead will create and distribute wholesale cannabis products made for healing and relaxation purposes. With a strong focus on education, this new development will lead the way for alternative therapies.


The customised, recycled containers have been converted into individual, modern day tiny homes, creating peaceful, comfortable and enjoyable spaces that help to reduce stress and aid anxiety.

The appeal of the tiny home caters to the need for a minimalistic, simplistic life. This eco-friendly trend represents the desire and time for more freedom and a lifestyle full of adventure.

Each modified container will be solar powered and use rainwater from the water tanks located around Yakuru. Check in and room access is a digital experience via app, a seamless process starting the journey of relaxation. Activities include yoga, meditation and workshops all dedicated to radical relaxation and restoration.

If you're wanting to reconnect with nature, take a dip in Byron's hinterland rivers or attend an immersive wellness activation, helping to ground you and reduce stress.


Yakuru Farmstead adheres to this, offering an interactive, educational experience for those staying at the retreat.

The farmstead plans to combine cannabis education with ag-tech leadership in order to inform consumers of the benefits of cannabis for illnesses such as chronic pain and anxiety through advanced technology.


Yakuru Restoration Retreat will offer event space for a range of conferences, weddings and events.

Surrounded by 360 views of farmland and located in a subtropical climate, Yakuru’s Event Space will utilise its environment, implementing the usage of solar panels and water tanks located throughout the property.

Facilities will be versatile and accommodating, designed to maximise spring and summer open-air freshness, as well as autumn and winters crisp light and cosy warmth.